Monday, December 12, 2011

New Site

Our new website is now up and running and better than ever. People have grown tired with the lack of production over Dennis Moore's 8 years in office. We in the ThirdDistrict have paid the man a salary of over one million dollars, and I repeat, ONE MILLION DOLLARS, to do nothing. No, we apologize; he's named two post offices. So, does anyone else not want to pay him another 160,000 dollars for two more years of nothing? If so, make sure to check frequently. The fun doesn't stop there. No way. We're taking back the whole state from the Democrats as well. For more information on that, make sure to check out We'll see ya soon.

A New Tide Rising...

Attention loyal readers. FKD has decided to make a bit of a change. In fact, it's going to be a huge change. Your FKD Team has decided to switch to a new domain name, Why is it a . org you ask? Well, some alert Democrat decided to purchase the . com before FKD could get to it. Oh well, we will see who laughs last.

Blogspot has been good to FKD, but bigger and better things are in store for Kansas Republicans, and they start over at Go ahead and shoot us an e-mail at We'd love to hear from you. Remember, look for our straw poll early next week. See you soon.

Straw Poll

FKD's next straw poll will be on Monday. We've put it off for awhile, but this one will happen Monday-Thursday of next week.

Included in the poll, the Republican Primary for....

Secretary of State
Insurance Commissioner
3rd District Congress

Who's going to win in August? Who's got the momentum?

Moore New Developments

The fine folks over at FDM have left their humble blogspot beginnings in search of a greater calling. They've moved the Dennis Moore bashing over to a new address. This way, the Dennis watch can proceed in a more professional and polished way. Something to look for in the FKD future??

Sebelius/Parkinson -- Anti Education

The KC buzz blog has revealed Mark Parkinson's and Kathleen Sebelius' anti education record.

As a Johnson County resident, Parkinson should be especially ashamed of his vote. We didn't expect a lot from Sebelius -- she'll screw JoCo the first chance she gets.

Rose's take on Parkinson/Sebelius

Steve Rose is spinning Parkinson's party jump as a major coup for Kansas Democrats.

Time will tell on that one....

A sweet life

Some good people from the Missouri side have broke a story about Parkinson, Sebelius and nursing homes.

Picking a nursing home operator is a dicey move for a Democrat, especially somebody who just sold them for $29.5 million.

We hope somebody investigates Parkinson's former nursing homes and the financial deals surrounding them.

Nice to see some love from the Show-Me state. Put this blog in your roll.